The book "Key To Music Success" gives you all the how to information and secrets the industry doesn't want you to know. This book also contains all the connections needed to help you become successful in the music business. This book goes into all aspects of the music business. This is the most well rounded book and it constantly updates! Newly updated in November of 2000! Comes with current tip sheet every month.

This book also contains the listings the professionals use. The listings are unique, because they give you all the names of the people in the major companies with the persons personal phone, fax numbers, email addresses and websites. You need to contact the right person personally to become solicited. This book lets you know the genre they are seeking too. You need more then main numbers and this book gives you the new professional listings. Also contains contracts.

This book contains 89 companies on Major Record Company Listings for USA and International. Contains 72 Major Music Publishing companies Listing. 55 Major Film and Television companies Listing, 155 Distributors companies Listing, Collaborators Listing, 209 Radio Stations Listing, Magazine Listing, Music Business Listing of all types of companies in the music business USA and International. See sample pages and individual listing pages for more information.

Also contains new tip sheet every month. Contains "Songlink International" tips, which are used by the professionals. Songs were placed with Britney Spears among others from this listing. Tells you who's seeking what material with their contact information.

This book gives you all the how to information, industry secrets, and the professional listings and major connections, to give you the "Key To Music Success".

Please see table of contents and samples for more information. Music Publisher Listing and Film and Television Listing can be purchased separately electonic mail or via regular mail.

If you have talent, we have the needed information, major connections and industry secrets you need and together that will give you the "Key To Success". Our products are free or at unbelievable low prices. I believe in you, so believe in yourself!

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If there is a modern take to the traditional bed frame, platform bed it is. It is a kind of Asian-inspired furniture that became famous for its elegant and clean design. They are made out of a frame of wood that contains a flat panel and wood slats on top. These platform beds replace the usual box spring set and mattress, and look like a table used for sleeping. But unlike an ordinary table, they sit low on the floor and are very spacious which makes it very different from a traditional bed frame.

The most popular kind of platform bed is the Japanese kind. This Japanese furniture is very elegant as well as practical. Beautiful wood materials are typically used for such furniture that feature mattress support through wooden slats. These platform beds are available with or without a headboard and are typically wide to added visual effect. Tatami mats usually go with it to make the bedroom look more tranquil… a relaxing space to retire in.

The House Improvement Guide, Chapter 1:

If you want to purchase top quality craftsmanship in your Asian furniture, you must know where the piece was produced and precisely what raw materials were used. For instance, Japanese furniture is normally created from reclaimed wood and crafted in Japan, however occasionally in different parts of Asia. Check out a variety of antique console tables for instance, which might pair beautifully with an antique china cabinet. Don't they work so much nicer as a group? They've already lasted over a lifetime and can be passed on as treasures to the following generation. In the case of home interior decorating ideas, you must know how to invest shrewdly: purchase quality items that might be around a long time. Getting the best benefits for your dollar is not only a talent employed when purchasing home furniture, but one which is important while picking out other furnishings as well, which includes your bathroom interiors. If you have an appealing design for the bathroom, your time spent in there may be much more fun and pleasant. Then again, lots of people will always adhere to their spending plan, which unfortunately is often a wise strategy. If you'd like to begin small with good success, you should get started with changing your bathroom's light fixtures? Purchase some energy-conserving lights and make sure that every spot will be well-lighted. This makes the bathroom appear a good deal larger and a good deal more spacious than it is. Another good example of this is using precisely the same tactics when buying mixer attachments for utencils.

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Do you have what it takes to be in the book "Key To Music Success" book. If you have a tip or are a company or looking to collaborate on a music project or have a success story article, please contact us.

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