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Top Music Publishing Companies In The Book "key To Music Success"

72 Top Music Publishing Companies Are Included In The Book "Key To Music Success". Totally Current List That The Professionals Use. This Listing Can Also Be Purchased Separately Electronically To Your Email Or Via Regular Mail!

"Key To Music Success" contains the top music publishers in the industry. These companies are totally current and are new to the book. They are the top music publishing companies. Each company lists the people who work in the company with their personal phone and fax numbers and email addresses, also contains their websites. These major music publishers also do film and television. You cannot get this information off of the intenet. It's the listing the professionals use.

This listing can also be purchased separately.

Here is a sample of one company on this listing of 72 major publishing companies.


71. Warner/Chappell, 40 Sheppard Ave. W. #800, Toronto, ON M2N 6k9 Canada
Phone: (416)-227-0566 Fax: (416)-227-0573 Style: All

Andrew Mech, Creative Manager Special Projects
Phone: (416)-227-0566x218 Fax: (416)-227-0573
David Cable, Licensing Coordinator
(416)-227-0566x219 Fax: (416)-227-0573

You Can Also Purchase The Top Publishers Listing Separately Electronically Or Via Regular Mail!

The top publishers listing comes in "Key To Music Success".

If you would like this listing alone, it costs $5.00 via email.

You can purchase this listing with credit card or by check with paypal. A very safe ecommerce used on ebay and other sites, it's safe. Click below to purchase by paypal and start enjoying your new listing. Click banner below.

If you would like a hard copy, it will cost $6.00 with free shipping and handling.

If you would like to purchase the hard copy through regular mail via paypal click below.

Send check or money order payable to Mary-Ann Thomas.
Key To Music Success
P.O. Box 12
Westport, Massachusetts 02790-0012

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