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Testimonials For Book "Key To Music Success"

Hi Mary-Ann,
Yes rec'd book many thanks, lot of info, well done.
David Stark
Songlink International

Excellent Resource to break in & get noticed in the industry
Reviewer:  Pat Nunes  from Knoxville, TN. 
     October 26, 1999 I bought and received it last week. Well worth the money. This is the best resource I've come across. I called major companies and as promised was allowed to send my demo's. I'm a songwriter and finally can get my songs to the major artists and companies. Loved the collaboration listing, I want to work on projects with some of these people for sure. Finally someone who gives us the secrets. I loved it and wanted to let you all know.


Hi Mary-Ann,
Just got the book so not a lot of "deep" feedback for you at the moment but  as far as the content, it looks interesting from what I've skimmed. I'm finding many items I already knew, others I didn't, and the style interesting.  Hope things are going well for you. George Roth (consumer who purchased the book)

AddressSubject: Re: Book reviewDate: Thu, 10 May 2001
Hi Mary-Ann,
I enjoyed the book content. Especially the points on self-publishing.
All the best,
George Roth


Dear Ms. Thomas:
Just a note to let you know I have received your insightful book, Key To Music Success today, and after skimming through it, feel like you have picked my brains to some extent.   : ) It reminds me of the "affordable" version of the CMJ book/list that is usually available to radio station managers.

I am very happy you have stressed decorum and comportment regarding a band's behavior. As of late, I have noticed far too many on the MP3 Artist site behaving with appalling manners. As a consumer first and foremost, I need not tell you how much this turns me off from even wanting to hear or buy music from such an act, much less want to promote them.
Thanks again,
Mike Ventarola
NMA Promoter


Date: Thu, Jun 1, 2000, 4:40pm (EST-2) To:
Subject: The Keys To Music Success

Hello Mary-Ann
Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to the prospect of hearing from you and seeing how the book is doing. If possible, I would love to have a few copys to spread around the office here.
Kindest Regards- Ryan Matzinger
Artist Community Specialist - The Premier Music Service Provider


posted 03-29-2000 06:49 PM
              I recently received a submission for review of the book "Key To Music Success # 4" by Mary-Ann Thomas.
Some of you are prominantly mentioned in here from what I saw on the intial skimming. Rhonda Watson has a nice section about her in here as well.
To obtain a copy of this highly informative book, contact the author at
The book is constantly revised and is as invaluable as a CMJ catalog/roster and a PR person's rollodex.
Mike V


  posted 03-29-2000 07:01 PM
              She must have gleaned it from the BB's. Told you folks read these things.

It is in the section under promotions...I quote;" Some say you need a ton of money to hire a promoter. Why not self promote? ....I've seen Rhonda Watson playing the message boards and getting crowds to listen to her music. People like it and what happens is her fan base continues to grow, in return CD sales and offers to get her songs in projects." You never know who is paying attention to the truly professional and business minded artists on these boards. Mike V


  Key To Music Success

Mary-Ann Thomas
Key To Music Success
P.O. Box 12
Westport, MA. 02790
United States