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I started out as a songwriter with a dream. I looked for someone to publish my songs. I received offers from companies that were less than perfect. I always checked the Better Business Bureau on them and some companies did have complaints against them. I finally worked as a staffwriter for a publishing company in California. I collaborated with the owner's wife. After a few years of this, I had the urge to go further and work with the majors. Through trial and error I opened my own company "East Coast Music Publishing" and made connections big connections. I'll never forget when I was allowed to submit my material to Arista Records New York, it was a thrill. Then came Virgin putting one of my songs on hold. Then it wasn't such a thrill, I was allowed to submit to more and more major companies. I met more and more people high up in the music business and they became business associates who looked upon me as an equal. I've also met some big time artists and when I hear their material on the radio, it's strange to know them personally, it makes me smile. When I received a call back from companies who wanted my artists or more material, I knew I had found the formula to success and that's what this book passes on to you. Now I am successful where I work with other artist's songs. I will always be a songwriter and I understand the art and where artists and songwriters are coming from and it's what has made me want to work with them.

No book I ever read would help me learn to gain success, so I decided to put everything I wished to find out when I started out including all the major connections into this book at an unbelievable low price!!! It's nice to help others, it feels good. Enjoy the journey, best of luck in all your music endeavors!!!

Mary-Ann Thomas
East Coast Music Publishing
P.O. Box 12
Westport, Massachusetts 02790
United States