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Newsletter Articles By Mary-Ann

Here are some articles I've written for our free monthly newsletter. If something interests you dial the phone number to the article.

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Come join our free monthly newsletter. Add your article or announcement, read articles & tip sheet, come network with over 1000 music professionals!

Here are some letters I received recently regarding the newsletter.
At first I was reading them and smiling and discarding these kind words,but I thought you may like to read some, so I'm posting some here.

______________________________________________________________________ AddressSubject: Re: [eastcoastmusic] ECMP Newsletter # 12, May's IssueDate: Thu, 24 May 2001 14:44:38 -0700 This is a wonderful page that you have and a great list. Thank you very much for your time and such great work put into your page. Sue Sue Paduano President ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Subject: Re: [eastcoastmusic] ECMP Monthly Newsletter #8, July's Issue MaryAnn, This was an exceptionally good one! Especially the articles about how to package submissions and make them memorable. Both were great. I pity that urban reggae guy---he'll probably never even know what he missed out on! Keep it up, girl, it's sounding like things are going great for you. Thanks, Paula Bright aka Crazy Miz B ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT THE HECK IS HIP HOP COUNTRY? Listen FREE now and find out! Ridiculous yet oddly endearing newsletter:

Tina From Manergizine (an online magazine wrote): Mon, Mar 13, 2000, 12:05pm To: Subject: Re: [eastcoastmusic] ECMP Newsletter #4 I am on a zillion talk lists and receive even more newsletters, but I just want to let you know yours is one of the most informative and easy to read. &;-)
Message From: Date: Wed, Mar 29, 2000, 10:44pm To: Subject: Re: [eastcoastmusic] ECMP Newsletter #4 hello, I'm an aspiring singer and I would really like to thank you for the "How Young is Young Enough?" article. It was definitely informative. I'm a 14 years old and I'm a singer/songwriter. I may be young but I don't think that age has anything to do with lyrics. I guess I may be mature for my age if that is indeed true. Thank you ver much for your time. Singing is my life and I would do anything for it. :) -Audrey Au aka. Odd Tree. :)
(LayzBoyz Entertainment) Date: Sun, Mar 12, 2000, 4:55am (EST-3) To: Subject: Laban Johnson Greetings Mary-Ann. Thanks for yet another very-informative and helpful ECMP newsletter! Thanks, Laban Johnson LayzBoyz Entertainment
Date: Thu, Apr 6, 2000, 11:49pm (EDT-3) From: Subject: thr3/A.D. Records To: Hello my name is Anthony D. Montanino, A.D. Records. A friend turned me on to your list. This is a great way to help up and coming bands. Standing ovation to you Mary........:)
Tue, May 23, 2000, 12:16pm To: We are all with you and the wonderful job that you are doing for us. Cheers! Carole
Subject: hi Mary-Ann, thanks for the list. I always enjoy reading it. I hope to send some songs out to you soon. Joe Matzzie New York City ===== MINCE PYE live at The Huntington Renaissance Faire / May 28 JOE MATZZIE solo performance at The Vault / Queens Village NY / June 2 / 9:pm JOE MATZZIE BEYOND BELIEF live at C Note / New York City / June 12 / 9:pm
(Rick fowler) Date: Tue, May 23, 2000, 8:46am To: Subject: demo submission Hi Mary-Ann, Also got your post about e group privacy thanks for the protection. Your newsletters are super....Thanx for your time....Rick Fowler

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