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Sworzanigga a.k.a. Tamary Winfield

East Coast Music Publishing & New England Sound Records Present Sworzanigga Sworzanigga is the best hip hop artist you will ever have the pleasure to hear. What sets Sworzanigga aside from the rest is his lyrics are highly visual and his rap style is unique. His songs are produced by gold record producer Sean Don Juan Greene, who produced a song by Blue Raspberry on the "Don't Be A Menace" Soundtrack and produced well known artists such as "Raven Simone", which you've all seen on the popular Cosby's show. He has done various other large projects. Sworz has had major label interest from Immortal Records. They were prepared to sign him to their label, which has such acts on it as Korn, Incubus, and of course the Spawn Soundtrack. Unfortunately, Mr. David Miller left the company and it put this offer on hold. He also has had interest from Jonathon P. Fine at Robbin's Entertainment (BMG), which loved Sworzanigga, but felt he needed more radio friendly songs, because many of Sworz's songs were hard core hip hop that didn't hold back punches and used some explicit lyrics. Urban Pacifica (BMG) in New Zealand was so intrigued by Sworz's music they had plans to cut a record of Sworz's, however Philip Fuamana had to stick to his local artists, due to loyalty in New Zealand. I'm sure you've heard of Philip's single "How Bizarre", which charted number 1 here in the United States a few years back. Bryon Davis from Sony Records found him to be dope and passed him on to another A&R. Sworzanigga aired on KIKI in honolulu, which is the number 1 radio station in honolulu. Please see the next page to see all their emails praising Sworzanigga. All this was done in a short duration here at East Coast Music Publishing. Sworzanigga took some time off, but now he's back stronger than ever and we are letting the world hear his debut CD on New England Sound Records. Read what the industry has had to say about Sworzanigga What Major Labels Had To Say, They've Had Interest In Working With Sworz What Philip Fuemana from Urban Pacifica (BMG) New Zealand had to say: (Urban Pacifika Records) To: (Mary-Ann & Michael T) Subject: Re: "Sworzanigga" CD hey mary-anne...big sorry for not getting back asap.....had a listen...its great........ definite hits in there...ive given it to our BMG A&R person.....i gotta figure out the logistics of making something happen... its kinda hard because as you can under- stand...BMG.NZ has a commitment to its local artist...but i want to find out if we can contract one or two songs as singles here ..our country for its size buys a lot of RnB & Hip Hop...Public Enemy are here next week and Janet next i cant see why we cant get a Gold Disc out with your artist.... i know the fustration of wanting to get out there...keep the faith...please email me the copywrite details pertaining to these tracks.....and ill stay on the promises though..ok.. take care Phillip Fuemana ________________________________________________________________________________ Bryon Davis From Sony Records had to say: From: Save Address - Block SenderTo: Save Hi... Yeah I received the package. He's pretty dope. I'm gonna forward the CD to some A&R guys at a label of ours. I will give him your email and phone number. Let me know...sorry it took me so long to reply. Things are hectic around here of late. bd ________________________________________________________________________________ What Jimmy Taco from the number 1 radio station in Honolulu had to say: From: Save Address - Block SenderTo: Save Address yes i did recieve the cd,,,, it is hot,,,,,i should be playing it next week friday, i will send you some air checks of calls that i get from listeners. once again thank you very much _________________________________________________________________________________ What Jonathon P Fine of Robbin's Entertainment (BMG) had to say: From: Jonathan P Fine To: "'Mary-Ann Thomas'" Save Address M, I like your artist but after careful review of both the cd and cst I can't seem to find I really strong and innovative radio friendly hit. "Rollin" and "mama" are in the right direction. Please forward all of his latest material as it becomes complete. Thanks for your interest and hope to hear some new joint this winter. Thanks Warmest regards, Jonathan P. Fine Director Of A&R Robbins Entertainment (A BMG Joint Venture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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