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This book was updated in January of 2001! Comes with current tip sheet each month!

IntroductionP. 1
Music Publishing P.2-3
Music Publishing & Song Licensing P. 4-5
Benefits Of Self PublishingP. 6
Benefits Of Publishing Companies P. 7
Starting Up Your Own Company P. 8-10
Do's & Don'ts To Say To Record Companies P. 11-12
What Your Package Should Include P. 13
Bringing It All Together P. 14
Film & Television P. 15
New Army Promotion P. 16
Places To Promote P. 17
Television/Film Synchronization License P. 18
Video Synchronization & Distribution Lic. P. 19-20
Agreement Licensing Recording For Film P. 21-22
Lesson In Lyric Writing P. 23-26
Lesson In Composing P. 27-28
Promotion P. 29-31
MP3 P. 32
Helpful Hints, Build It & They Shall Come P. 33
Best Sites P. 34
Tax Write Offs, Exposure, Silkscreening P. 35-37
Conducting Yourself Professionally P. 38-41
Stage Fright P. 42
Song Shark Scams P. 43
Benefits Of Tip Sheets P. 44
Tips P. 45-47
Engineering & Experiences P. 48-50
Distribution, Self Distribution P.51
Trademarking, Corporations P. 52
Major Record Companies (USA) P. 53-77
Major Record Companies (International) P. 78-83
Increase Gig Attendence P. 84-85
Radio Stations From A-Z P. 86-102
Magazines P. 103
Various Music Businesses & Services (USA) P. 104-127
Various Music Businesses & Services (International) P. 128-133
Songlink Tips P. 134-135
Collaborator's Corner P. 136-152
Contracts P. 153-154
Songwriter's Guild Contract P. 155-158
Agreement Between Record Company & Artist P. 159-163
Work For Hire Agreement P. 164
Artist/Producer Development Agreement P. 165-166
Agreement Canceling an unexploited Collaboration P. 167
Co-Publishing Agreement P. 168-169
Major Film & Television Companies P. 170-188
Major Music Publishing Companies P. 189-200
Distributors P. 200-212

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